Human Claw Mashine 2022

TV Show

System: 2d human claw mashine

Milli Vanilli Movie 3d Cam 2022


System: 3d motion control cam

Opening Airport Hangar Malta 2022

Live Show

System: 1d Perormer x 4


UEFA EM Opening 2021

Live Show

System: 1d performer x 6

Tage die es nicht gab 2021


System: Highspeed 1d Fall

Balich Worldwide Shows 2020 Riyadh

Live Show

Systems: 3d and 1d performer

Vorwerk Show 2019

Live Show

System: 5 x 1d Performer


Ehrlich Brothers Flash Show 2019

Live Show

System: 2 x 2d Performer + 1 x 2d camera


Ehrlich Brothers Show 2018

Ehrlich Brothers Zauberwelten

TV Show

System: 3D Camera & 3D Performer

BMW Show 2018


Live Show 

System: 2d Performer

Vetter - Live Event 2018


Live Event

System: High speed flying Fox

Dubai PSL Opening 2018


Live Show

PSL Opening

System: 1 x 3D high speed + 4 x 2D performer

Bavaria Boot Show 2018

Bavaria Yachts


Expo "Boot" Düsseldorf

System: 3 x 1d Performer

Equila by Apassionata - 2017/2018


Show Palast Munic

System: Skywalker 3D

for more info and specs look here

BOF - Busan One Festival - 2017

Live Broadcasting

System: High Speed 3D camera rig