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camera rig

Camera wire rig - technical specifications

3D and 2D wirecam for live broadcasting and feature film

full stabilized remote heads like:

Libra head, Newton head, Scorpio head, Flight head

We fly all kinds of cameras up to big 3D camera rigs!

rope climber eurovision

Turn Key System - Winches, control system, fiber optic video, full stabilized remote head

motion repeat function on rig&head

up to 10m/s speed in the 3D space

Thanks to full stabilized remote heads, we fly way more stable than a classic Spidercam, Omnicam, Spydercam or Skycam.

Due to our powerfull winches and great rigging options we fly much faster and more stable than a Rope Climber

and because of the motion control software we fly more accurate than any other wirecam!


high speed winch

Winches - technical specifications

    customized winches for each project

   60-300m of stroke per winch

    125-250 kg load

    3 to 12m/s speed

winch system

performer rigs - technical specifications

1D, 2D and 3D performer flying system

up to 12 performers simultanious in 1D

full programmed shows on timecode like:

drummer show, silk performance, vertical catwalks, 2D and 3D performer flights over audience and on stage

up to 10m/s speed in the 3D space

aerial act

Aerial Camera Work

airplane mounted full stabilized remote head for 4K cameras

ultra slow speeds of 30 km/h

fast speed up to 140 km/h

no downwash like helicopter work

friction of the costs of helicopter work

Aerial camera work