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Skywalker Air-to-Air


The "Dynamic Shock Cub" Zin Aviation

System: Skywalker Air-to-Air (Our own plane and remote head in action!)

for more info and specs look here

Skoda Show - Bilbao 2017


System: 1D Performer

Helene Fischer Show 2016


System: 3D Performer

Porsche Opening OPZ 2016

Live Show

System: 2D Performer

BOFland 2016

Live Broadcasting

System: High Speed 3D camera rig

VW IAA 2016

Live Show

System: 2 x 1D Performer

Doppelmayer Show 2016

Live Show

System: 4 x 1D Performer

AIA Show 2016

Live Show

System: 4 x 1D performer

Skoda Kodiaq Präsentation 2016

Live Show

System: 2 x 2D Performer

Hoch5 Eröffnung 2016

Live Show

System: 3 x 1D Performer

Infineon Anual Party 2016

Live Event

System: High speed flying Fox

The Real 2016


System: 3D wire rig with motion repeat

Ehrlich Brothers Show - 2016

Live Show

System: 3D Perfomers & 3D Kamera

Fußball Finale in Jeddah 2016

Live Show mit Team Extreme

System: 2D Performer High Speed

Drummershow Mainz Fernsehgarten 2016

Live Show with Team Extreme

System: 4 x 1D